Copy can affect moods, sway opinion and influence moods.  We need to engage the audience.  So, “Who is your audience?”  is it your client, your client’s customer, general public?

Step 1 – Planning

Content strategy… What is your story?  Who is your story for?  Then decide how to tell your story, choosing the language, tone of voice, tense etc… to use.

Involve all stakeholders in the content production process.

Step 2 – Creating

Consider the content inventory, if there are existing guidelines use them so that you write consistently and authentically in terms of the required brand tone of voice, language, etc.

Step 3 – Measuring

How do you measure the level of engagement? What metrics are available to you?  Social media activity, analytics, A/B testing content.  Feedback direct from your audience.  Regular Review.  Ask yourself, have you achieved the purpose you set out to achieve?


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