Digital Style Guides and Branding

Digital branding is visually presented online on:

  • webpage
  • mobile page
  • mobile app
  • email footer
  • Facebook Ad
  • display banner
  • social post,

Questions to ask clients:

  • How should the logo behave at different responsive breakpoints?
  • Is there an icon fallback for small screens?
  • What are your web typography standards?

Display the digital style guideline online, build a simple HTML framework to display and categorise your elements clearly and provide code snippets. ¬†Include downloadable digital assets (PNGs, SVGs, font files, etc…). ¬†Downloadable PDF containing the print rules.


  • logo usage (dimensions, colours, padding)
  • responsive logo views
  • logo icons (app icon, favicon)
  • RGB colour references
  • CSS typography styles
  • the standard masthead and footer
  • iconography
  • buttons (primary CTA, secondary)
  • patterns (overlays, backgrounds)
  • grid structures
  • form styles
  • animation examples
  • video opening and closing frames
  • social post examples
  • accessibility standards


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